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June Business & Barista + Intro to Roasting Workshop

06/19/2017 08:00 AM

@ American Barista & Coffee School
1028 SE Water Ave Suite 275

June Business & Barista + Intro to Roasting Workshop

This intensive workshop includes lectures on start-up, operations and management and hands-on training in the espresso lab learning proper beverage and food preparation.

This week-long, full immersion style class is designed for entrepreneurs, prospective business owners, existing coffee bar owners, barista trainers and managers. Our students have true passion and dedication for succeeding in specialty coffee retail and want to perfect their craft as a barista.

Roasting Lab practicum subjects include: Introduction to Roaster Types (air, drum) and sizes for your cafe or business, how roasters work, how they toast the coffee seed, history of roasting, how to select green coffee and how to get it delivered, either through importers or direct. Hands-on roasting on a sample roaster and full size production (18kilo) roasting workshop, roasting three different roast-levels.

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