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Workshop: Domestic Violence & Depression

08/10/2016 10:00 AM

@ Brentwood Darlington Community Center
7211 SE 62nd Ave

Workshop: Domestic Violence & Depression

Survivors of gendered violence live in uncertain worlds that are often indifferent to their unique and multifaceted struggles. Survivors, in their quest to rebuild their lives, will often place mental health at the bottom of their needs and future goals. In addition, mental health professionals and diagnostic categories used by psychiatric medicine to evaluate survivors’ emotional pain do not take into account the multiple effects of gendered violence at all levels of society (individual, group and institutionally).

Thus, it is often up to advocates to help clients find and maintain adequate mental health care while understanding the limits of healing under our current public mental health infrastructure.

Objectives :
This workshop will begin by highlighting current research, statistics and findings on depression and its relationship to interpersonal violence (IPV) and domestic violence (DV). Advocates will learn and understand co-occurring emotional health conditions and their relationship to major depressive disorder. We will center in on the potential role of advocates in helping disseminate information to survivors (and each other) about the relationship between IPV and depression and in easing the way for survivors to access available mental health services.

The second part of this workshop focuses on depression, IPV and the experiences of different racial/ethnic and marginalized communities. The workshop will also encourage participants to engage in various collective knowledge-making exercises as well as opportunities to build upon their own understandings and experiences of mental and emotional wellbeing.

* This workshop fulfills training required for 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training
* We welcome participants with special needs. Please let us know if we need to make any arrangements. Please contact Dara Snyder at daras@ywcapdx.org or (503) 294-7395.

Pricing and Registration:
Students: $10
Volunteer: $15
General Admission/Non-Profit Organization: $30
For-Profit Organization: $60

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